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The tangible results the project is expected to deliver are:

  1. An IDE supporting the design and semi-automated deployment of applications to the Cloud and on multiple Clouds, as well as the early QoS assessment of Cloud applications.
  2. Modelling languages and supporting tools for developing Cloud abstractions that are Cloud provider-independent and span across different layers of the Cloud stack.
  3. Run-time framework and high level policies for the run-time management of applications on Clouds and multi-Clouds enabling automatic migration of applications or of their components on different Clouds providing quality assurance.
  4. Novel mechanisms to close the loop between run-time and design time and adapt to changing requirements and context, offering QoS information to the decision making engine.
  5. A decision support system providing guidance in the selection of the right set of Clouds analysing trade-off between cost, reliability, risks and quality impacts.
  6. Models and methodologies for the evaluation of the impact of the Cloud adoption in Organisations improving trust in Cloud solutions.
  7. Demonstrators and evaluation of the projects results with industry relevant case studies.

These expected results are exposed through the project deliverables.

The public deliverables can be consulted here.

Released sofware can be consulted here.


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