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WP1 Project management:

The aim of the WP1 is to coordinate the activities of all the WPs and the overall Consortium.

WP2: Support for decision making: Business and cost analyses

This work package will support model-based risk analysis and quality prediction in the Cloud with a tool and a methodology.

WP3: Architecture and Integration

This WP will define the methodology for gathering requirements, the MODACLOUDS architecture and integration plan, and the strategy for evaluating the achieved results.

WP4: Design-time functional modelling

This WP will develop and advanced software engineering methodology defining Cloud computing design abstractions at multiple levels and implementing an IDE for: (i) the model-driven design of applications to be deployed on multiple Cloud systems; and (ii) transforming the models to other models at lower abstraction layers and generating the implementation code to be automatically deployed in multiple Clouds.

WP5: Design-time quality modelling and evaluation

This work package will develop a framework for modelling and evaluating the QoS.

WP6: Run-time environment

This work package will develop the MODACLOUDS run-time environment which will support the execution of applications on multiple Clouds minimising the infrastructural costs, while guaranteeing QoS constraints.

WP7: Case Studies: requirements

The objectives of this work package are (a) to define the functional and quality requirements of each case study together with its use cases; (b) to ensure that every stakeholder (of the MODACLOUDS projects but also of the end-users of the applications developed) understand the case studies specified in this WP.

WP8: Case Studies: design

This work package will define and coordinate the design of the four industrial case studies that will be implemented in WP9 and will demonstrate the applicability of the MODACLOUDS results in real environments.

WP9: Case Studies: implementation and evaluation

The objectives of this work package are (a) To provide the implementation of the case studies according to the requirements specified in WP7 and the design activities of WP8; (b) To evaluate the MODACLOUDS solutions.

WP10: Exploitation and standardisation

The main aim of this work package is to transfer the research results into the real world; where the target
industry is the Cloud market and Cloud clients.

WP11: Dissemination, collaboration, and training

The objectives of this work package are: (a) Ensuring a wide and proper dissemination, promotion, and take-up of project results; (b) Ensuring a clear positioning in the cluster of on-going European projects and world-wide initiatives in academia and research communities involved in topics related to project’s ones.

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