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Webinar: Model driven design of multi cloud applications with a priori QoS guarantees

  • Marcos Almeida, Michele Ciavotta, Webinar, 21 July 2015

Space4Clouds video

Hegira4Clouds video

Presentation at MODAClouds booth at NetFuture 2015

Presentation at CloudExpo 2015

Presentation at Open World Forum 2014

Tutorial on MODAClouds at MICAS 2014 Timisoara, 23-24 September 2014

Presentations of scientific contributions at MICAS 2014, Timisoara, 23 September 2014

Demos of MODAClouds IDE, August 2014

Training on MODAClouds at SummerSOC 2014 in Heraklion, June 2014

CA presentation of MODAClouds, April 2014

Presentation at FIA, March 2014

Video material for ICT 2013 in Vilnius, November 2013 and CloudScape, February 2014

Demos, October 2013

Presentations of scientific contributions at MICAS 2013, Timisoara. September 2013

MODAClouds tutorial at MICAS 2013 in Timisoara, September 2013

Presentations to the Cloud Computing SummerSchool in Almere, July 2013

Presentation to the collaboration meeting IoS 2012 in Brussels, October 2012

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