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The following pages address the needs of the MODAClouds users, from business analysts, developers, down to the application operators. They are categorized as follows:


The best starting point, providing the user with the executable bundles for the MODAClouds design-time environment and tools.


Although the tools are easy to use (many providing wizards, tool-tips and hints), on this page the user can find in-depth tutorials, videos and reference manuals for the previously downloaded tools.

These documentation materials are oriented towards the technical aspects of MODAClouds, and towards the exploitation of the tools. However for the scientific aspects of the project the reader should consult the dedicated publications page.


Because most of the tools listed above are in fact open-source projects, the user can find on this page links to repositories and source-code bundles. Thus this page is oriented towards developers that want to build upon the MODAClouds outcomes, or event integrators that could build customized solutions.

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