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Software Documentation

Design time

MODACloudML IDE Functional Modelling Tool
MODAClouds QoS Modeling and Analysis Tools

It is a component of MODAClouds IDE aimed at providing a mechanism for design-time exploration and optimisation (cost reduction while fulfilling performance constraints) of multi-Cloud applications. The tool is made out of two main tools: SPACE4CLOUD and LINE.


It is a tool for the performance analysis of cloud applications. LINE has been designed to automatically build and solve LQN performance models. LINE is able to provide accurate estimates of relevant performance measures such as application response time or server utilisation. LINE can therefore be used at design time to diagnose whether the deployment characteristics are adequate to attain the desired QoS levels.Although other tools are available for performance modelling, LINE stands apart for a number of reasons. First, in addition to provide average performance measures, LINE has been designed to compute response time distributions, which can be directly used to assess percentile Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Second, a number of features in LINE aim at describing the specificities of cloud applications. These include random environments that appropriately model reliability and multi-tenancy; and general service times, which can represent the resource demands posed by the very broad range of cloud applications. Finally, LINE can also compute transient performance measures, capturing the effect of temporary conditions, such as workload spikes or failures of the application components.


System PerformAnce and Cost Evaluation on CLOUD is a tool for the specification, assessment and optimisation of QoS characteristic of cloud applications. It allows users to describe the architecture of their application by means of models both at CIM and CPIM level following the MODAClouds model-driven paradigm. Those models are then evaluated against a user-defined workload in order to assess both performance and cost of the modelled solution. The tool is built on top of the Palladio Bench modelling environment but it differs significantly from Palladio since it enriches the modelling capabilities allowing more expressiveness in the definition of the resource environment and the specification of the workload. SPACE4CLOUD implements state-of-the-art metaheuristic techniques to effectively and efficiently explore the space of possible alternative configurations. For each configuration involved in the search process the tool is also capable of evaluating the overall operative cost. However, it makes use of tool LINE for the performance evaluation.

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Run time

MODAClouds Monitoring
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The open-source mOSAIC PaaS, a self-deployable open-source platform that runs on a multitude of public or private IaaS, was extended to serve as the basis for the MODAClouds run-time environment, especially for managing the support services (like the monitoring or self-adaptation platforms), but also to deploy mOSAIC compliant applications.

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