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General description:

MODACloudML is supported by the MODAClouds IDE, more precisely it provides the functional, operational and data modelling environments as well as some modules enabling the analysis of non-functional characteristics of a multi-cloud system.

MODACloudML is an extension of CloudML. CloudML provides a domain-specific modelling language along with a run-time environment that facilitate the specification of provisioning, deployment, and adaptation concerns of Multi-cloud systems at design-time and their enactment at run-time.

The MODACloudML architecture is inspired by the OMG Model-Driven Architecture (MDA), which is a model-based approach for the development of software systems. The MDA relies on three types of models for three layers of abstractions. The closer to the system a layer is, the more technical the description. These three MDA layers, from the more abstract to the more detailed, are:

  • The Computational Independent Model (CIM), which describes what the system is expected to do but hides all the technical details related to the implementation of the system.
  • The Platform Independent Model (PIM), which describes views of the systems in a platform independent manner so that it can be mapped to several platforms at the PSM levels.
  • The Platform Specific Model (PSM), which refines the PIM with technical details required for specifying how the system can use a specific platform.

The models manipulated by the MODACloudML IDE are grouped within the dashed box of the bellow figure.









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