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MODAClouds Demonstrators

Modelio.org Developer Community

The project partners have established a collaboration initiative with Modelio.org Open Source Community to reach to developers’ community and provide support and promotion of individual components released as Open Source for a number of years.

For the purpose of facilitating testing and validation, a number of demonstrators and supporting materials have been created, and shared with Modelio.org, among other communities, in an effort to teach developers how to create and operate Multi-Cloud applications using MODAClouds technologies.

All demonstrators can be accessed on the web.

Rating Cloud services

The Alliance is also starting to explore the potential of a crowdsourcing platform initially created to collect and automatically refine data for Venues 4Clouds, which can take advantage of its social approach and become a hub for providing comments and ratings of Cloud services in the market. The service can be accessed on the this website.

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