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General description

From the point of view of the user, the MODACloudML IDE is the main piece of software to be used at design time. The MODACloudML IDE realizes the MDE approach proposed by the MODAClouds project, and its main output is the set of models and artefacts required by the MODAClouds runtime components to deploy, monitor and adapt cloud applications. As an Integrated Development Environment it provides a common access point for a set of tools (its core functionality), and a set of accessory functionalities to aid the use of the other tools.

The MODACloudML IDE realizes the MODAClouds design-time approach by means of a set of decision support tools that will be used to guide the user in the construction of the model of the application and further exploitation by deploying it on a cloud platform. Each tool targets the needs of some of the users of the MODACloudML IDE.

The IDE is composed of 5 sub-tools:

  • The Functional modelling tool implements the MODACloudML metamodel and provides a user interface allowing users to edit and store a MODACloudML model. It should also provide transformation, reverse engineering, traceability and document and code generation capabilities.
  • The Decision Making Toolkit allows the feasibility study engineer to model the costs and risks of a given application architecture, in order to help him users in deciding on the best combination. This decision will then impact on the deployment, QoS and design of the application.
  • The QoS Modelling and Analysis Tool allows the QoS engineer to model the QoS requirements of the application, assess the performance of a given deployment and identifying the deployment that minimizes costs. The results of this simulation are then going to be used by the application developer and the application provider to eventually improve the design of the application code and data for the first and deployment for the second.
  • The Data Mapping Component allows the application developer to design the data that is manipulated and stored by the application. She is then able to find the data structures that allow for best runtime performance.
  • The Deployment and Provisioning Component interfaces with the MODAClouds runtime
    components and allows the application provider to deploy the designed application.
























Tools available:

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