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MODAClouds’ Monitoring Platform

General description

The MODAClouds Monitoring Platform is part of the MODAClouds Runtime Environment. Its main capabilities have been described can be summarised as follows:

  • Monitoring. The monitoring component gathers information at different levels to evaluate the quality-of-service (QoS) of the system. In the Monitoring Platform, both the current consumption of system resources (such as CPU and Memory) and other QoS metrics (e.g., response time of a request) are captured.
  • Analysis. The analysis component processes the information gathered by the monitoring collectors and generates high-level statistics from them. For instance, it may analyse the correlation between different metrics to infer the cause of a given error in the system. It also performs statistical inference to estimate the parameters needed for the runtime QoS management models used in the Self-Adaptation Platform.
  • Rules processing. The Monitoring Platform receives a set of monitoring rules from the MODAClouds IDE, which defines what metrics to collect and how to measure them, such as the monitoring time granularity. Then, the Monitoring Platform monitors them and provides triggers and data streams to the Self-Adaptation Platform and sends feedback to the design-time IDE.
  • Inputs/outputs. The Monitoring Platform deals with two main actors: the Self-Adaptation Platform and the MODAClouds IDE. The Self-Adaptation Platform is responsible for observing the monitoring data and statistics and deciding at runtime for corrective actions that can improve QoS, e.g., the deployment of new virtual machines to scale out. MODAClouds end users include developers and cloud system administrators, who will interact with the monitoring platform through graphical user interface (GUI, part of the MODAClouds IDE) or command-line interface (CLI). A typical usage scenario is a system administrator who wants to visualize the historical performance offered by a cloud application.

The architecture is described in the bellow figure.
























Source codes:



















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