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MODAClouds Multi-Cloud Devops Toolbox

The main assets developed within MODAClouds constitute the MODAClouds Multi-Cloud DevOps Toolbox, which helps developers and operators to change and improve the way Cloud software is created and operated. The Toolbox, facilitates the development of Cloud applications and services by providing a way to extend current solutions to include the definition of business and functional requirements into application development; and then, extending current deployment and run-time tools to consider Multi-Cloud environments assuring automatic QoS awareness monitoring and responding to SLAs with self-adaptation.

The toolbox is comprised of the following elements:

-   Creator 4Clouds, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for high-level application design;

-   Venues 4Clouds, a decision support system that helps decision makers identify and select the best execution venue for Cloud applications, by considering technical and business requirements;

-   Energizer 4Clouds, a Multi-Cloud run-time Environment energized to provide automatic deployment and execution of applications with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) on compatible Multi-Clouds;

All these individual technologies, sub-components and tools are available on open source repositories and are licensed either with Apache, BSD or LGPL licenses (see here the links to all repositories).


How to start using the Toolbox

Venues 4Clouds is available as a service. Just use it from the following link

Creator 4Clouds Docker container is available here. Just download and run it!

Energizer 4Clouds can be installed following four simple steps: download, install, configure and run. Visit it at this address.


Prerequisites to use the Toolbox

Designing an application by using the MODAClouds approach requires the knowledge of the basic elements of UML and of the design approach suggested by MODAClouds. The approach is quite straightforward, thus, basic users can adopt it with some training.

The adoption of the MODAClouds run-time can be done at two levels: basic and proficient user. Basic users can exploit design-time tools and the run-time in its basic configuration, which is suitable for the majority of multiple tiers web applications. Proficient users should acquire a deep understanding of the configuration mechanisms offered by the run-time platform.

The technical prerequisite for the installation of the design-time component Creator 4Clouds is the presence of a Docker Engine on the user’s computer.

The run-time platform can be installed automatically on a clean OpenSuse 13.1 instance. The usage of the self-adaptation features offered by SpaceOps 4Clouds requires the usage of a mixed integer programming solver such as CBC v2.9.7.

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