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Use Cases

MODAClouds has elaborated a series of Use Cases in order to demonstrate the applicability of the MODAClouds technologies in different situations:

-   BOC use case mission was to use various MODAClouds technologies to provide one of the company’s products currently offered using on-premises installations, as a Cloud service using multiple Clouds deployments to create a new business model, AdonisCloud.

-   SOFTEAM use case mission was to use MODAClouds technologies to add Multi-Cloud capabilities (considering aspects like Cloud vendor independence, automation, ease of adaption and cost effectiveness) to their collaborative software engineering application Modelio and Constellation Server that was developed and commercialized during the project.

-   ATOS use case has focused on how to use MODAClouds technologies applying them on a health care collaboration support system to leverage  PaaS technologies using multiple PaaS services ruled by Business-Driven QoS and SLAs definitions to enact self-adaptation mechanisms such as Cloud bursting on MultiCloud environments, triggered by SLA violations.

-   SIEMENS use case focused on applying MODAClouds approach on a data intensive Internet of Things application for Smart City context to manage complex data processing frameworks on Multi-Cloud environments.

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